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Eating to increase your seratonin levels!

So I’ve been not eating carbs to lose weight and noticed I’ve been more crabby (so have my students lol). Then I read an article that informed me of why the Atkins diet leaves u fatigued and emo … and it told me the things I should be eating that will raise my seratonin levels (u know …. the chemical in your brain that makes u happy). So here is what I read: 1.turkey (free range of course … anything u get that’s.depressed will make u depressed such.milk, eggs, beef etc).
2. Whey protein
3. Bananas
4. Wild cherries (which if.u eat before bed can help u sleep better)
5.flax seed
6. Wild salmon (fatty fish.oils)

And … I gotta get in the shower but I’ll post again if I remember more.

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