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I’ll tumble for ya …

So Tumble is the extended version of Twitter in that u can say as much as you want. Being the immature teenager trapped in a 30 year old’s body, I saw a few of my service students at school logging on here and was like …”I want one too!”

Now please keep in mind I “Tumble” from my phone most of the time so my writing may not be in perfect form (as far as spelling and punctuation etc) cuz this Damn touch screen is a bitch to type with. For instance the words that are automatically finished for u can be something so off topic that the.receiver of.your text message is like what? Last night I sent my ex a message that said “creep” out of nowhere. She responded “why are u calling me a creep” when her previous messages were just stating that she is going to be her fathers date for her brothers wedding this weekends.(

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